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God has given every person in this world a gift. It is up to each person to find that gift and use it to the best of their ability. God’s gift was not given to a person based on their beliefs, socioeconomic background, or geographical location. When a person finds and cultivates that gift it will flourish. The creativeness of a person does not diminish depending on a person’s life style or surroundings. It will increase or decrease depending on how much that person utilizes it. Just because someone is using a gift in an incorrect way does not negate the fact that a person is talented. Talent cannot be ignored. God did not create man and say, “Now, here’s your talent. You must use it how I see fit.” We are on earth to make choices whether they be right or wrong. You know, if I was a smart business man it would be wise for me to explore how Donald Trump became successful. If someone is a stockbroker it would stupid of them not to glean wisdom from Warren Buffett. If someone is a songwriter they would be wise to hone their craft by soliciting advice from veteran songwriters. If someone wanted to learn a thing or two about technology it may be a no-brainer to view the business model of a company called Apple. I remember when I was a boy, Willie Nelson released an album titled “Family Bible”. It was ‘the rage’ among my adult Christian friends. The people who loved Willie Nelson’s voice purchased the LP and were ecstatic to hear Willie sing, “It Is No Secret What God Can Do”. Meanwhile, Willie Nelson was smoking dope on top of the White House (of his own omission). Now, did that cause me to think badly of my Christian friends that were swooning over Willie’s voice? No! Did I think they were glorify the use of pot. No! Did I want to grow me some braids? No! Were they condoning Willie’s lifestyle? No! They were just admiring the unique, talented voice that he had been given. I admire talent. I recognize when someone is amazing at what they do. I don’t have to analyze their faith structure or google their personal life before I make that determination. Talent is talent! That is why I have no problem when I hear someone say that Kayne, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or even Willie Nelson are talented, because they are! A gift is a gift!

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