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2013 CMT Listeners’ Choice Award Winner for her song, "Like He Did For Her". She's a cool person and an awesome songwriter. You will not find a nicer human being. I am glad to call Rachel my friend.


Co-Writing Friends

"The world is round so that friendship may encircle it."

Rachel Hutcheson
(far right)
Alayna Carroll
(far right)
An incredible performer, wrote and mezmerizing song called, "Crime Scene". A favorite of mine. When Alayna grabs a guitar and begins to strum you can tell music comes from deep within her soul. She has a bright future ahead of her.


Amy Elkins
I have known Amy over thirty years. We have been friends since childhood. She is an amazing pianist, singer songwriter. She has a way with lyrics like no other. "Freedom," "Kiss," and "Place In My Memory"; just a few jaw dropping songs that she has written.


Alexa has a God given gift. Her voice will make any song come alive. She has the abilty to create melodies that are unique and fresh. She has written songs (even at an early age) that would make the seasoned lyricist jealous.
Laura is crazy talented! She is a wordsmith. I love her positive out look, her fresh approach to ensure the absolute best is being potrayed in a lyric. She is a joy to write with and amazing person to be around AND when you get her and Alexa singing together, that is a heavenly bonus.


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