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Laura Vance


"Let It Shine"


When I heard "Let It Shine" I was blown away by the message. I immediately told my daughter, Alexa that she needed to listen to this awesome song. Alexa was caring for special needs children at the time. She told me the next day while at work she played "Let It Shine" to the children and when it came to the ending chorus it turned into an amazing singalong.


"Bigger than life

Bigger than life

You are strong on the inside

Let it shine.................."


Talk a listen and I am sure you will be singing along as well.



Additional songs:


A Little Bit Of Faith

Almost Past Redemption


Can't Be Me


Enjoy Life


Got Nothing

Great To Be Alive

How Sweet The Sound

I Loved You First

It's My Life

It Still Hurts

Mighty Rushing Wind

Missed The Train


Pretty City

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Time To Kill

That's Why We're Here


Was The Word Love?

When I Fall




Alexa Meadows

"Find Me"

I co-wrote this song with Jacob Campo and Alexa Meadows. Jacob brought a cool verse melody and lyrics to the writing session. I loved the imagery. Alexa began working on the chorus and bridge melody and we discussed where the song was going lyrically.....time ran short we decided to continue working on the song seperately. I came home and began working on the second verse,


"Hand in hand we reminisce
Times of sweet innocence
Memories of when our lips first met
Moonlight silhouettes with no regret
Underneath the Sycamore.....


3:00 A.M., it was time for some rest.  I remember waking up later that morning singing, "We could go slow dancing......" with this cool, hooky melody in my head. I grabbed a recorder and began singing the lyrics and melody before before it left me. I was happy! 


After meeting for a second productive writing session, solidifying  the song concept we parted ways.


Jacob put the finishing touches on the second verse and chorus. He spent countless hours working on TSS shaping and molding it into what I think is very commercial radio friendly song. He has  an incredible voice, along with awesome production skills. End result, a song well done.

Stark Raven Crazy is a song about a woman on an emotional rollercoaster coming to the realization that she does not need to continue a destructive relationship.


Alexa took this song to a Jason Blume Workshop and received  great feedback for improving "Crazy" (the title at the time). We got our heads together in my office upon returning home. We tore the verses apart and added specific imagery concerning the bad relationship, rewrote the bridge, made it more poignant.


One of the things I like about SRC is the woman finds freedom, realizing that she is better off without the person that once drove her crazy.


I remember my wife asking me one day, "Have you heard the song that  Alexa is writing?" I replied, "No." Later in the evening "Ex" came up to my office and sang me the chorus of "You Are His." My jaw dropped! What an incredible message!


We sent it to her producer, Seth Mosley to obtain some feedback. After hearing his thoughts we rewrote the second verse, bridge, and brought the audience in as a whole by singing, "WE are His". I was so pleased with the outcome.


Seth joined Alexa in the last chorus, making the vocals soar. I was blown away by the end result. One of my favorites.

Inside The

“Faith” was in the making for about two years. I remember casually telling my kids about this idea/concept while rummaging around the kitchen for something to eat. My thought was to write a song about a strong woman named Faith using spiritual connotations to bring this character to life. I began by writing down all of the spiritual metaphors about faith; grain of mustard, moving mountains (Matt. 17:20), and substance of things hoped for….. I wrote a first draft on a chorus lyric. The next writing session I had with my daughter (Alexa Meadows) we began working on the chorus melody. I remember when I heard the first two lines of, “A Little Bit Of Faith” come out of her mouth I instantly got chills (I still have it on tape today)! We continued to shape the melody. I was so happy it was exceeding my expectations. We spent the full session working on the chorus melody. We came away with cool, soulful 6/8 rhythm. We knew from the beginning the song was screaming for a Hammond organ which it hasn’t found yet.

I met a gentleman at a Jason Blume workshop. He pitched  a song called, “Stetson,” an insane piece of work. I was blown away! I chatted with Paul after the workshop. We exchanged info. Long story short, we set up a writing session. I knew from the moment that we scheduled a time I wanted “Faith” to be the centerpiece of that session.

Thankfully, Paul liked the concept and we ran with it. We began constructing the verses. The idea slightly shifted to a man who left Faith and realized the error of his ways and now was on a road to redemption.

The session went fantastic. We left with the bones of a really cool song. Over the next year we did several rewrites, strengthening the song.

Paul was kind enough to lend his amazing vocals on the song. He sang his face off, in my opinion. We have a piano/vocal demo with Alexa singing background vocals. I am very pleased with the outcome. I would love to have a full demo track in the future.

Note: If you ever want to catch Paul Secord live. He travels full time with, "New Legacy Project" They are releasing a  full length concert DVD featuring a song he wrote titled, "I’ll Stand"; another amazing song!

Co-writes with Laura and Alexa are such a treat. Working with lyrics and melody and hearing their combined voices is just amazing!


I was so excited! We walked into the studio and I was ready to hear what I had heard in our sessions. After a few minutes Laura expressed doubts that she would be able to sing "When I Fall" due to sickness. I was so disapointed but totally understood. Laura began coaching Alexa with the vocals. We were able to record a song that I am extremely proud of. I hope you will find this in a movie or TV show someday.


Vaughn Lofstead, our producer made an acoustic version as well. You will find it below the original version.

(Click album covers to listen)

This is the first draft of a song originally titled, "More Than Time To Kill". I am still working on that upcoming version. I was really happy with how the original song turned out. I feel it came across as raw and honest. "Insignificant"  takes someone to a time in place in life where they were being belittled, unwanted, taken for granted; however, sending a very clear message that there is still fight and determination left in this battered soul. I hope you enjoy it. I think Alexa did a great job on the vocals.

I was privileged to attend this writing session with Alexa, Ricky & Ran Jackson in LA. "Find Me" was written and recorded in 12 (straight) hours. It was a cool experience. The end result was amazing.

"Too Late" has never made it to the studio (I wish it would). There is a demo piano version available at I think this song paints an amazing picture of someone who is desperate and is looking for any solution to change her situation. One of my favorites.

You can find more of Alexa Meadows' music here.

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