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Love to think, organize, write lyrics and watch a song come alive. Life is too short not to enjoy. Love to laugh and listen (learn more that way).


Music has filled every corner of my living space since I can remember. Lyrics have been penned, poems have been written by family members as far back as I can recall. I remember my father  (a minister) studying for  sermons when I was a boy; out of his messages songs would be born, poems would be written for families  that had lost loved ones. It is amazing to witness the power of a lyric.


Lyrics intrigue me. They have a way to convey something that many times is hard to say any other way. Words can evoke sadness, happiness, show frustration, delve into subject matter that would otherwise be unapproachable. A vehicle for sharing thoughts that can move individuals from any walk of life; music knows no socioeconomic status. I find the creative process amazing! 

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