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"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday


Berthold Auerbach



Music is an escape hatch. It returns one to places of the past; ushers many through times of joy, sadness, peace, turmoil, confusion,  and understanding.  The wonderful world of music can take one to a place they have never been. Lyrics gives the ability to express thoughts, feelings, and points of view that would otherwise be hard to convey. Lyrics are a beautiful tool that allow writers to sing what many wish to say, but cannot.



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How long did you say you'll love me?

Did forever take too long?

If I held my breath you'd be the death of me


                                               Tony Lucca

I am a troubled mind, I am a calloused heart 

A failing engine from driving way too hard

I was trying way too hard

I pulled a thirty-eight out of my bleeding heart

I killed my selfishness for bringing me this far

This far away from you

Valley Of Tomorrow - NEEDTOBREATHE

I speak to those with the unclean hands
The radiant souls that the world has damned
The untold story of the misjudged man
Says it ain't too late to live the next day's plan

A broken spell, a conquered hell
I'm building kingdoms now from this abandoned town
A severed will, restored and filled
With help from the angels I can fly now
I start again


I lift my head just like you said
I dust off my halo
I feel the beat beneath my feet
And I hear the echo


Halo - Melodime

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